Accredited Tourism Business


Accreditation is a process designed to establish quality business practices and policies and to enable a business to continually improve its standards and customer service . It aims to assist every caravan park to improve the way it operates. Thus, accreditation provides consumers and the industry with an assurance that a caravan park operator is committed to quality business practices and professionalism in all aspects of the enterprise.

Key Features

The main features of the national caravanning industry driven, voluntary accreditation program are:

a) Recognised at state, territory and industry sector level, as a business committed to quality business practises and customer service;

b) National consistency between jurisdictions in the interpretation and implementation of the accreditation standard;

c) Adherence to a national accreditation standard which encourages a more consistent approach to conducting an effective, efficient and sustainable business;

d) A unified and coordinated approach to promote the significance of accreditation to industry and consumers, including a nationally recognised accreditation trade mark (Logo);

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